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OlliOlli kicks, pushes, coasts to PS4 and PS3


OlliOlli, Roll7's endless runner-meets-skateboarding game, is now available on PS4 and PS3. The game originally launched in January for Vita, and was previously targeted for other PlayStation systems in July. While it missed the mark for Sony's platforms, it did reach Steam last month. The game is 10 percent off for its first week on PS4 and PS3, and 20 percent off for PlayStation Plus members. It is also Cross-Buy and Cross-Save compatible, so those that own the Vita version can freely download it on PS4 and PS3 starting today.

Roll7 may have created OlliOlli, but BlitWorks provided the PS4 and PS3 ports for the game. The studio also brought roguelike Spelunky to Vita. Our review of the original Vita version of OlliOlli found the game a bit difficult, but that for every "ten failed attempts" at a trick, each success felt like we earned it. In June, Roll7 introduced a fix for a game-crashing bug in addition to leaderboards, which are included in the other PlayStation versions.
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