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Best educational apps for high school students


It's that time of the year again when parents, teachers and students start heading back to school. If you have an iOS device, you can supplement your child's education and stimulate them to get involved with quality educational iOS apps. We've scoured the App Store and compiled some of the best titles for the high schoolers in your household.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy [iOS Universal; Free]

Khan Academy is a rapidly growing educational resource that compiles tutorials with accompanying instructional videos on math, science, history, civics and finance. The service has over 4,200 video lessons that are accessible via the Khan Academy iOS app. Videos can be streamed as well as downloaded for offline access.

iTunes U

iTunes U [iOS Universal; Free]

iTunes U is Apple's online course repository with over 750,000 free lectures, videos, iBooks, and more. The content covers a wide scope of subjects encompassing the humanities, science and math. More than just a viewer, the app includes assignments that students can check off as they are completed. Students also can add notes when they are reviewing either audio or video lectures.


Rosetta Course [iOS Universal; Free]

Move away from the desktop and let you student learn a new language on the go with Rosetta Stone® language-learning software for the iPhone and iPad. The course covers foreign language basics using the immersive Rosetta stone approach. The app is included free with a Rosetta Stone subscription. Non-subscribers can sign up for a Rosetta account and test out one chapter of their favorite language for free.

SAT Vocab

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks [iOS Universal; Free]

Improve your student's vocabulary skills and help them prep for the SAT, PSAT or GRE with the diverse games offered in this MindSnacks title. The app takes a multimedia approach to language learning by combing images and audio in a series of mini-games that'll make memorization fun. It's a little on the cutesy side, but the content is tailored to the college-prep student. SAT Vocab is free with in-app purchases to unlock additional vocabulary lessons.


StudyBlue [iOS Universal; Free]

Incorporating games into the learning process can be a useful approach, but sometimes students just need a simple set of notecards in order to learn new content. One of the best flash card tools is StudyBlue, which provides mobile access to notes, flashcards and study guides.

The app allows parents, teachers or students to create custom flashcard sets and study sets with both their own material and recommended content based on the subject that is being studied. Study sets can include images as well as audio.

If there is no time to assemble a custom study set, students can search through over 250+ million student-authored flashcards and notes as well as use the app's Study Guide feature to automatically assemble a guide based on the subject that needs to be reviewed.

Calendars 5

Calendars 5 by Readdle [iOS Universal; $6.99]

High school is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. Students must learn how to manage their schoolwork, work schedule and their extra-curricular activities. One of the best organizers is Calendars 5 by Readdle.

Calendars 5 has a clean, easy-to-use user interface that makes it ideal for students to organize their schedule. With natural language input, a built-in task manager and offline operation, students won't miss a beat.


Evernote [iOS Universal; Free]

Taking notes is significant part of high school courses, and one of the best note-taking apps for iOS is Evernote. It syncs across both mobile and desktop platforms and has all the features that students would ever need to create, organize and search their notes.

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