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Mew-Genics on hold, will return when it's 'more coherent'


Mew-Genics is officially on hold, Team Meat's Tommy Refenes confirmed to Joystiq at PAX Prime in Seattle. The game was first revealed in October 2012, though the Super Meat Boy developer did not fully explain how the genetically-altered cat lady simulator would operate for another four months.

The decision to drag the game's esoteric explanation out is one that Refenes seemed to regret, saying the developer "shouldn't have been talking about it as much in the beginning as we did, because the game expanded beyond what it originally was." As a result, the game grew beyond Team Meat's own original vision: "Even some of the posts that we made in the beginning, that stuff doesn't exist in the game anymore," he added. For example, the developer discussed a "trinkets" system in December 2012, which is now gone from Mew-Genics, as it's "expanded into the stores" in the game.

"Every idea that we've first said has expanded into this larger idea. And we're like, 'we need to shut the fuck up' and actually get it to a point where we can say, 'no, this is what it's going to be when it comes out,'" Refenes added. The game isn't canceled, but it will be "revised" and "more coherent" when it eventually returns. "Basically, the scope of it is going to change. We're going to narrow it down more into something that's manageable for two people to actually do," Refenes said. He stressed that Mew-Genics is "definitely on hold," and that the developers' freshly-revealed tablet and PC game, Super Meat Boy Forever, will "definitely come out before it."

For those that feel they've heard this from somewhere before, think back to February 2013, when Team Meat put a mobile version of Super Meat Boy on hold "til Mew-Genics is done." The developer is giving themselves until the end of 2015 to launch Super Meat Boy Forever on iOS, Android and PC via Steam and break this emerging pattern.

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