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    The Journey Down: Chapter Two is a must have


    The Journey Down: Chapter Two is a paid game (US$4.99) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It requires iOS 6.0 or later, and is optimized for iPhone 5. It is a third person, point and click adventure game that is well thought out and executed. This is the sequel to The Journey Down: Chapter One that was released in 2012. The lead character, Bwana, along with companions Kito and Lina, head to Port Artue. Bwana explores the city, and he encounters some colorful characters on the second leg of his quest for Underland.

    The user interface is intuitive and allows you to create folders to save profiles. Make sure to keep a sharp eye peeled for random items in each scene. As Bwana collects items along the way, he gets to use them to help proceed to the next episode. You can drag and drop an item from the user interface screen to the active scene in order to use it.

    I appreciated the fleshed out characters, which made it easier to relate to them. I also found them humorous at times. Kudos to the casting as the voice acting talents were amazing. The voices matched their character, so it made the scenes and story that much more believable.

    There were three characters that stood out. Bwana befriends Andiswa, who works for the mayor in Port Artue. Andiswa assists Bwana because he gave her a calendar of St. Armando where she wants to eventually live. Another character, the bartender is an intriguing fellow that Bwana has some important conversations with. Finally, ride Reynolds is by far the coolest cab driver in all of Port Artue. Ride's personality is funny, amusing, and flashy. When Bwana encounters Ride Reynolds, he offers to barter for his services due to an urgent need for his ride.

    The Journey Down: Chapter Two

    The graphics are absolutely beautiful and detailed. Port Artue is jaw dropping when you see it for the first time. The rain looks so realistic, along with the flickering firelight, and the wet cobblestone streets are just a few of the beautiful things you'll see along Bwana's new journey. The graphics help to immerse you in the world so you're completely hooked.

    I enjoyed the jazz fusion music soundtrack because it's pleasing and not obtrusive. I liked it so much that I decided to checkout music further on the Band Camp site I discovered. My favorite track is "Bwana, On The Run." I'll be honest, sometimes game music can be quite repetitive and annoying, but Simon D'souza does an excellent job of mixing it up so that does not happen.

    The visuals, gameplay, music, and story makes this game a must have for your iOS devices. If you loved The Journey Down: Chapter One, then you will definitely love the follow-up. I highly recommend you purchase The Journey Down: Chapter Two for US$4.99 because you will not regret it.

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