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Third Trials Fusion DLC plunges into the Abyss on October 7


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The third piece of downloadable content for Trials Fusion will launch on October 7, Ubisoft announed today. Invitingly called "Welcome to the Abyss," the pack adds 10 tracks and 24 challenges to the motorcycle-flipping game, as well as five new achievements. The pack is part of Trials Fusion's season pass, though players can pick it up alone for $4.99.

Welcome to the Abyss is set in "mysterious underground ruins" with ancient machines "powered by strange relics." The DLC includes over 100 new objects for use in the game's track editor as well. Trials Fusion launched in April for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, reaching one million copies sold in July. Ubisoft expects every piece of DLC for the game to be available by May 2015.
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