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What is #Weirded? This is #Weirded.


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How does one introduce an original web series like #Weirded?

For one, it's not tech news -- at least, not in the way you're used to seeing. So scrub that notion from your brain. It's more like a constant channel change; like pressing the seek button on a car radio and catching tidbits of the noise filling the tech industry's airwaves. It's light, but biting in a way we hope'll make you ask for "more, please!" It'll skewer and shine a light on the more outrageous news and comments of the week. But it will always be in good fun (and in very bad taste). It's a guilty pleasure; our tongue-in-cheek gift to you.

This week's inaugural episode is pretty fruity: It's nearly all about Apple, with some Blackberry crumble on the side. The full episode's just after the break. Enjoy the feast!

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