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Scratching cassettes like vinyl records brings a new meaning to mixtapes

Billy Steele

Sure, you could load a pair of turntables with a couple of vinyl records to hone those DJ skills, but what about that old cassette collection? Well, one inventive fellow created his own set-up using the tapes to achieve the same goal. Jeremy Bell created The ScrubBoard: a pair of cassette tape sections stretched across a board (hence the name) for scratching with a pair of tape heads. The two heads have been removed from Walkman-like cassette players, and the portable devices remain plugged into a sound system of some sort for audio. As Fact Mag points out, similar setups have been constructed before, but if you've got a stack of tapes and a couple of the portable players lying around, this certainly seems like a worthwhile weekend project. Bell is also looking to raise funds to create a actual product based on the project, which you can see in action after the break.

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