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Cycloramic teaches users a DIY phone hack so the app keeps working


We first covered Cycloramic in 2012 thanks to the inventive photography app's clever way of taking hands-free panoramic shots. Users simply placed the iPhone standing up on its flat edges and the app would activate the device's vibration function to spin the phone around to in a circle. You can set the device to spin 360 degrees, or 720 or 1080 if you want a longer shot. It's a solid app.

Then came the sleep curved edges of the iPhone 6, and suddenly Cycloramic had a problem -- you can't rest your phone on its sides anymore. Cycloramic could have just abandoned the app they've poured so much effort into, or they could find a work around, perhaps using equipment that customers already possess.

To that end, Cycloramic has released this video showing iPhone 6 users a DIY hack that keeps their app functioning using just the basic iPhone USB charger. You can watch the video for yourself here and purchase Cycloramic on the iTunes store, here.

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