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Tim Cook on axing the iPod Classic: "We couldn't get the parts anymore"


Last month, Apple swiftly and quietly put an end to the venerable iPod Classic. No announcements were made, no funeral was held. Instead, all references to the Classic were casually removed from the iPod section on Apple's website, dashing the dreams of users who prefer -- nay, demand! -- 160GB of portable music storage.

During yesterday's WSJD Live conference, Tim Cook fielded a question about the demise of the iPod Classic, noting that it was end-of-lifed because Apple simply couldn't source the parts anymore. And because the iPod Classic was, well, a classic that didn't move the needle sales-wise, Cook added that it wasn't worth the effort for Apple to devote engineering resources towards redesigning the device.

"We would have to make a whole new product," Cook said, "the engineering work to do that would be massive."

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