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Conan O'Brien thinks the new 'Call of Duty' is ridiculous too


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There's something cathartic about watching Conan O'Brien stumble his way around video-game trade shows, and, naturally, games themselves. He isn't immune to the bullshit that many of us just kind of put up with in our favorite pastime and puts it front-and-center pretty regularly, albeit comically, in his Clueless Gamer segments. Which is what makes watching him play through Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare so satisfying -- spectacle is the mortar that holds the whole game together, and you'd need a crane to properly suspend your disbelief when playing. Naturally, he calls out the absolute absurdity of attending an in-game funeral and being forced to "interact" with the coffin to pay your respects ("this is a real emotional moment for me").

Better than that is when he loses it after seeing the lifeless rendition of Kevin Spacey's face appear onscreen: "They hire one of the greatest actors in the world, and then they give him the eyes of a carp that's been in the refrigerator for three days!" It's all pretty great, and we've embedded the video just after the break. If you want to watch Engadget's own clueless gamer (that'd be me, of course) play through a bit of Advanced Warfare you can do that right here.

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