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NES makeover proves that punk is dead


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Are the anti-authority stylings of Sunset Overdrive a little too hi-fi for your gaming tastes? Well friends, maybe the 8-bit aesthetic of Punktendo might be more up your alley. As the name implies, it's classic NES games by way of NOFX and more. If you're curious what type of Flash-based goodies await once you get home from work, Milo Fu is Kung Fu with The Descendents' mascot, Super Mikey Erg! is Super Mario Bros. starring The Ergs' frontman and Fat Mike's Golf, appropriately, is the Fat Wreck Chords' owner inserted into Golf. It's the latest project from Jeff Hong, a Brooklyn-based storyboard artist who's previous work includes stuff for Nickelodeon, Fox and Disney. As Vice points out, though, you might know him better from Grumpy Punk Cat or Unhappily Ever After.

The games work fine with a keyboard, but sadly the Racist's Alley and Duckless Hunt Light Gun-based titles aren't compatible just yet. But hey, you can always squint and play the Virtual Arcade version of Duck Hunt for that, can't you?

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