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Crossing Souls: 80s RPG about friendship, death and adventure


Call 2014 the Year of the Souls: Titan Souls, Wayward Souls, Dark Souls 2 and now coming from Devolver Digital and Fourattic, Crossing Souls, an action-adventure RPG with hints of neon and 1980s nostalgia. Crossing Souls stars five friends who discover an ancient relic that allows them to interact with the world of the dead, calling forth people and things from the past while they accidentally embark on a truly epic quest. Watch to the end of the trailer to see just how epic this thing may get.

The cutscenes in Crossing Souls are done up in the trailer's retro cartoon style, while gameplay is pixelated and action-packed. The Fourattic team wants to reignite the magical feeling of 80s entertainment found in Teen Wolf, Weird Science, Back to the Future and ET.

"With Crossing Souls the team want to revive those childhood feelings," Fourattic writes. "Those adventures that could happen to anyone. We want to develop a funny and profound game, with a great plot that can make the player remember those times with a bit of nostalgia: more than one has used a towel as a cape, a broomstick as a sword or have had a hidden cabin."

Fourattic has launched a Kickstarter for Crossing Souls, seeking $45,000 to finish the game for PC, Mac and Linux by 2015. The game will be available on Steam, Humble and GOG.

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Crossing Souls Reignites Your Inner Child In 20166

Devolver Digital and Fourattic Bring You An Old School Action Adventure Game About the Childhood Adventures You Always Wanted

Seville, Spain – Fourattic is making its debut with a charming new action adventure game that will make you long for your childhood today as Crossing Souls is announced from the youthful gents at Devolver Digital.

Crossing Souls takes us all back to the good old days of 1986 in California and tells the incredible story of a group of friends who will live the summer of their lives after uncovering a mysterious artifact whose powers they don't fully understand but will change their lives forever.

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