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Google brings mood-matching smart playlists to Play Music in the UK

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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Having millions of tracks available to play can be a blessing when streaming music, but with so much choice, it can often be difficult to find something that matches your mood. Google recognised that some Play Music subscribers could use a hand, so it launched Songza-powered smart playlist recommendations back in October, but limited the feature to US-only listeners. However, that geographic restriction has been lifted today, after Google announced that it's brought its "Concierge" playlists to the UK. If you're a paying Play Music member, you'll now see a number of curated playlists at the top of the "Listen Now" section, which included Christmas, Brand New Music and The School Run selections when I signed in. Playlists will change depending on the time of day and season (hence the inclusion of Christmas tracks) and will update as the service gradually gets to know what you like -- helpful if you're embarking on your daily commute and fancy switching to autopilot.

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