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North Korea denies attacking Sony, offers to help investigate (updated)


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North Korea has ratcheted the absurdity level of the Sony hack up a notch by pleading its innocence again and even offering to help find the real perpetrators. The FBI recently blamed North Korea for the attack that forced Sony Pictures Entertainment to cancel The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. The nation is so anxious to "help" that it warned the US of "grave consequences" if it doesn't undertake a joint probe. While still denying culpability, North Korea's propaganda arm KCNA nevertheless went on in great detail about how the Interview "defamed its dignity," and said it would retaliate if the US refuses to work with it (judging by the rough translation).

The real-life story of the attack could make a better film than the one that started it in the first place.

For now, the movie is still on hold, a decision that was criticized by President Obama and others, though Sony said that it hasn't been cowed and may still release it. As for the breach by the so-called Guardians of Peace, Sony Pictures is now trying to stem further leaks and repair damage to its reputation. It just posted a job listing for a "Director of Vulnerability Management" to help "secure Sony's information assets... and (protect) the privacy of Sony's customers and employees."

So far, the massive leak has compromised the privacy of current and ex-Sony employees, spawned several lawsuits, and stressed the company's relations with customers, distributors and talent. On the other hand, the real-life story of the attack could make a better film than the one that started it in the first place.

Update: The US isn't exactly buying North Korea's version of events. The White House's National Security Council says it's "confident" North Korea is behind the attack on Sony, and notes that the country has a "long history of denying responsibility for destructive and provocative actions." In short, you're not going to see a truce any time soon.

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