SnapCam is iON's new $150 wearable lifelogging camera

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James Trew
January 4, 2015 5:00 PM
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SnapCam is iON's new $150 wearable lifelogging camera

What's the opposite of a selfie? Not sure? Well, we'd argue any photo from the SnapCam by iON (of Air Pro action camera fame) would fit that description. SnapCam is the latest entrant into the wearable lifelogging market (you may know Autographer, or Narrative already). The 1.5-inch square device clips onto bag or clothing (it's magnetic, too) and connects to your phone via an app. The 8-megapixel camera also shoots HD video (720p/30fps), and can be activated just by tapping once for photo, or twice for video.

The company claims the battery will last a week in standby, or shoot two hours of HD video/ take 5,000 photos on one charge. If photos and video after the fact are a little too passive for you, there's a livestreaming mode for sharing your escapades online in real time (over WiFi or Bluetooth). SnapCam will set you back $150 when it launches around spring/summer, and there's an $80 "Lite" version if you don't need the wireless connectivity. If you're looking for something a little more rugged, iON's also announcing a $100 version of its Air Pro action camera that's waterproof, and shoots in full HD. There are no more specifics right now, but whichever side of the camera you prefer to be on, iON's hoping you'll give one a shot.

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