Broken Age gets physical with simultaneous retail release

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Broken Age gets physical with simultaneous retail release
Broken Age Act 2 is due to arrive this spring, and when it does you'll be able to buy the full Double Fine adventure on disc. The developer is once again teaming up with Nordic Games to get PC, Mac and Linux copies of Broken Age onto shelves, and that's "simultaneously" with the release of the concluding act.

Simultaneously is the watchword for Broken Age this year. As Double Fine's Greg Rice put it last month, the studio aims "to launch on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, iOS, Ouya and Android next spring as close to simultaneously as human possible." That now includes a retail release on three platforms (at least), so springtime will be a busy time for the Californian studio.
Back in 2012 when it was known as "Double Fine Adventure," Broken Age raised $1 million in under 24 hours to easily achieve its Kickstarter goal. The game went on to secure $3.3 million in crowdfunding, but a year and half later Double Fine founder Tim Schafer said he'd designed and written a game that would require more money.

Thus did Broken Age split into two with the first act arriving in January 2014. A month later, Schafer revealed sales of the first half secured the cash needed to finish development. So that brings us to today and the wait for Act 2.

Despite its lack of challenge, Broken Age's surrealistic first act charmed Ludwig enough in our review. Particularly pleasing to our EIC were Vella and Shay, the game's village-girl and space-boy protagonists.

As Luddy put it, "...Broken Age always elicits a smile and a desire to continue. It honestly sucks to come to the end of this first act of Broken Age, knowing Vella and Shay have more ahead of them. And that tingling pain? It's your Adventure Brain booting up."
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