Around Azeroth: We drink alone, with nobody else

"So after finally recruiting Fargo Flintlocke to my garrison, I've taken to having him patrol with me as I run around doing all the daily duties that a good commander does -- y'know, try to influence him by example, that sort of thing," writes submitter Arugadh of The Brotherhood of Iron on Wyrmrest Accord (US-A). "But yesterday, he wasn't out in the open hanging around the Pleasure-bot as he usually is. I found him in the Inn, sitting at a feast-loaded table with one of the lumberjacks and Admiral Taylor. Admiral Taylor looked decidedly miffed at being there. Which leads me to wonder if Flintlocke was at Taylor's Garrison before it got run over ... and what the true circumstances of Taylor's demise are. Knowing Dave Fargo, there's a story there that'll be the source of a hysterical cutscene at some point as yet unrevealed."

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