You can download North Korea's OS X ripoff right now

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Mike Wehner
January 12, 2015 6:30 PM
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You can download North Korea's OS X ripoff right now
red star os
Ever wanted to download an operating system dreamed up by a totalitarian government with heavy inspiration from OS X and take it for a spin? Thanks to the magic of the Internet, such a thing is possible today with the newly-leaked retail version of North Korea's Red Star OS 3.0, which resembles an antiquated version of OS X.

Red Star OS 3.0 has revealed a number of interesting tidbits about the web of North Korea, including the fact that the entire country's internet service is set up like that of a small business, with all requests coming back to a central URL. If you're planning on booting up this OS X-alike it's recommended that you do so in a virtual box, as running it is purely for entertainment purposes.

[Photo via WhiteHat Security]
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