Sprint breaks ranks with other ISPs on net neutrality

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Sprint breaks ranks with other ISPs on net neutrality

Sure, AT&T and Verizon claim that if the FCC increases regulation of internet service to enforce net neutrality then they'd have reason to slow down investing in new upgrades, but Sprint is saying something different. GigaOm points out a letter to the FCC from Sprint (PDF) saying that it doesn't think the application of Title II classification under the Communications act (treating internet like a utility, like phone service) will cause any problems. Stephen Bye, Sprint's Chief Technology Officer writes that "Sprint will continue to invest in data networks regardless of whether they are regulated by Title II, Section 706, or some other light touch regulatory regime" -- supporting what most net neutrality advocates, including the President, are pushing for.

It's also in opposition to not only AT&T and Verizon, but T-Mobile CEO John Legere who previously tweeted that Title II qualifies as "heavy" regulation, and a push by Republicans in Congress to bar the FCC from making use of it. John Bergmayer of the consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge applauded the letter, saying "Sprint has shown enormous courage by daring to say openly in Washington what every other major carrier has admitted on Wall Street." The FCC is scheduled to vote on new rules February 26th.

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