This transforming phone is all heart, no brains

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This transforming phone is all heart, no brains

In Japan, people still use feature phones. But despite the smartphone revolution, dumb phone innovation is not dead. Not when a phone can magically, (Transformer-ly) convert from a heart shape into something approaching a chubby handset you can actually talk into. Imaginatively titled "Heart", it'll come to Nihon in both red and black options, and according to our Japan team, weighs a mere 54 grams. Curiously, it doesn't launch until after Valentines' Day (late March), but when it does arrive, the phone will also come with in a special Sailor Moon iteration, with magical wand dangly accessory and livery.

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The phone charger is also adorably heart-shaped: this is an all-out attack of the kawaii kind. That being said, there's not much going on inside that pretty little head: no Bluetooth for starters, let alone anything to do with cameras or a color display. However, if your phone is only for kawaii calls, you unmistakably have a winner.

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