Twitter's 'while you were away' recaps are here

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Richard Lawler
January 22nd, 2015
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Twitter's 'while you were away' recaps are here

Concerned you're missing out a tweetstorm or two while doing annoying things like flying, sleeping, or having face to face conversations? Twitter is ready to fix that problem with its "while you were away" feature. Spotted a few weeks ago in a soft launch, the blog post announcing its official rollout suggests the screen will pop up more frequently if you usually take breaks between Twitter sessions -- it's possibly power users won't be seeing it much at all. The service believes it can strike a balance between "improving" the timeline without destroying the real-time response many users love -- we'll see if that's true. "While you were away" is rolling out for all Twitter users on iOS starting today, while and the Android app should see it soon.

Update (2/23): And now it's on Android too.

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