Twitter has a new way to keep you up to date while you're AFK

It isn't quite a "filtered feed" (yet), but it's looking like Twitter's rolling out a new feature to keep you up to speed when you aren't constantly refreshing your timeline. It's dubbed "while you were away," and, as TechCrunch points out, it appears to be rolling out to a large chunk of the microblogging service's users. What it does is compiles top tweets since you last logged in (likely based on amount of favorites and retweets, although the methodology isn't quite clear), and places them at the top of your timeline on mobile. Along with those daily email summaries, it seems like another way to keep people in the loop if they aren't the most hardcore users. And possibly to the dismay of them, it makes the service a bit more like Facebook's non-chronological news feed. We'd love to hope this recap function won't pull in sponsored tweets from a certain bikini model shilling a mobile game, but that likely won't be the case.