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Global Chat: Can MMO stories rise above mediocrity?

Justin Olivetti
Justin Olivetti|January 28, 2015 2:00 PM
Players have long debated the importance, relevance, and quality of stories in MMOs. Some have called for an abolishment of dev-driven narrative entirely, some enjoy what's there, and some have pressed for better writing and storytelling techniques. This week we'll hear from one blogger who is struggling with "mediocre" stories in MMOs and what might be done with them.

But wait, that's not all! We'll also hear from writers about MMO inventory systems, aging games, and how pretty much nobody in the world was shocked when Elder Scrolls Online ditched its sub.

Inventory Full: Yak's Bend

It's not all roses and finisher fun in Guild Wars 2's WvW these days, as Bhagpuss reports: "Considering ANet appear to do virtually nothing to police behavior in WvW and, especially, that they've been leaving gaping holes wide open for exploits for years, it's perhaps surprising that most matches don't already degenerate into a seething melange of siege trolls, zoom hackers, spies, and saboteurs. By and large, though, players have policed themselves reasonably well. Not any more."

Clean Casuals: MMOs & Story: Accepting mediocrity

In which Aywren asks the crucial question, "If we choose not to expect anything from the story in a game, if we remain content with what we're given, then why should the writers/developers ever need to strive for better quality writing in MMOs?"

MMO Juggler: LotRO hatred?

Does this Middle-earth MMO really deserve some of the scorn heaped on it these days? One blogger argues that it actually deserves respect: "Besides, LotRO isn't exactly the poster child of F2P misery when it is approaching five years as an F2P title –- outlasting the entire existence of WAR, for example."

ECTmmo.com: Allods Online, a pleasant return

Here's one game that you haven't heard much about recently, and according to Kaozz, it's worth checking out again: "For now it is simply fun to quest and level. It reminds me much of those simpler times in WoW, back in the old days. Where classes felt different and unique. Where going out in the world felt like a real adventure."

Killed in a Smiling Accident: Gamers shocked as Elder Scrolls Online drops subscriptions

I got a huge laugh out of this post: "When The Elder Scrolls Online launched in 2014 the subscription model for MMORPGs was completely normal, every single other MMORPG requiring the purchase of a box then payment of a monthly subscription except for 99.487% of them."

Weekly Wizardry: Inventory systems as game features

When's the last time you really considered your inventory as a key MMO feature? Right now: "It may seem like a boring subject, a tiny little thing beside the things we tend to see as more important, such as combat. But overlooking it is not justified, for how the inventory is handled in a game affects all of it's players, raider and playerkiller, crafter, and warrior alike."

Null Signifier: Adrift in ArcheAge

Here's a nailbiting account of a sea voyage that illustrates how treacherous such trips can be in this sandbox: "The first few minutes were nerve-wracking to say the least, but nerves soon gave way to exhilaration. The sea is beautiful, perilous, and alive -- sea gulls circle above the waves, and sharks and other sea monsters lurk beneath."

Awesome MMO blog opinions abound all over the internet -- and Justin "Syp" Olivetti reads them all (or skims really, really fast)! Global Chat seeks to round up the most interesting and zany posts from the MMORPG blogosphere. Who knows? You might discover a new favorite blog this week!
Global Chat: Can MMO stories rise above mediocrity?