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Ken Levine hints at new first-person sci-fi adventure

Earnest Cavalli
Earnest Cavalli|@joystiq|January 28, 2015 6:30 PM
BioShock creator Ken Levine recently let slip on Twitter that he's working on a new game, and that he'd be happy to answer questions. Levine offers no solid details on the project, but we do learn a few basics.

According to Levine, the game is set in an original universe and he's currently leaning toward a first-person perspective for players. This plot is sci-fi ("or sci-fi-ish," as Levine describes it), and the scope of the game will be "large-ish," but will rely heavily on story and gameplay elements that can be repeatedly recombined with one another in interesting ways - a design principle Levine dubs "narrative Legos."

Those expecting further details soon are likely to be disappointed. Levine claims his team has no intention of showing the game at this year's E3 conference, and the game has only barely begun development. "Stuff in engine. Very rudimentary gameplay. Concept art. Passion system in code. A working board game to demonstrate passions," Levine offers when asked how development of the game is progressing.

However, there is progress on one front: After nearly a year, Levine believes he is close to coming up with a name for the small studio he formed after laying off over 90 percent of the employees at Irrational Games.
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Ken Levine hints at new first-person sci-fi adventure