'Tron'-like headphones, virtual reality at Sundance and other stories you might've missed this week!

We get it. It's been a busy week. Luckily, we're here to catch you up on the release date of the Apple Watch, VR headsets in Hollywood and all the other cool stuff you may have accidentally glossed over during five days on the daily grind.

'Tron'-like Glow headphones pulse to the music and your heart

These glowing earbuds hope to become much more than just a gimmick. If the Kickstarter for Glow goes as planned, the Fibrance cable will pulsate to your music and your heartbeat, as well as let you communicate with your phone over Bluetooth LE.

Oculus Story Studio is the Pixar of virtual reality

Already the talk of the gaming world, Oculus VR is now setting its sights on cinephiles. This year at Sundance Film Festival the company unveiled its new virtual reality film-innovation lab, Story Studio. Read what we had to say about the lab's first short film here.

Catch up on all the virtual reality news from Sundance

But wait -- there's more! Virtual reality took Sundance by storm this year, and we were there to cover every innovation. Check out the immersive viewing options that could one day become a part of your theatergoing experience.

Sling TV preview: Does this $20-a-month cord-cutter service work as promised?

Does Sling TV have what it takes to replace good ol' cable bundles? We took a long weekend to try it out. Find out how the streaming service held up to our viewing needs.

Tim Cook expects to ship the Apple Watch in April

Apple fans rejoice -- the wearable you've all been waiting for is almost ready. While Apple has yet to name a specific date, the company's CEO says the smartwatch should ship sometime in April 2015.

Sony closing Music Unlimited in favor of Spotify-powered service

We can't say we're sad to see Music Unlimited go, especially considering that our resident gaming expert Ben Gilbert politely refers to it as "hot garbage." Sony's new service, PlayStation Music, will now give users access to Spotify's robust music library.

How a former Rockstar developer is leading a revolution in gaming

Navid Khonsari left Rockstar Games to pursue documentary filmmaking, but his latest project has led to a fusion of the two livelihoods. 1979 Revolution is a game, as well as a history lesson, surrounding one of the most pivotal events in Iran's recent history.

Facebook wants to replace Twitter as your Super Bowl companion

Facebook can no longer sit idly by while Twitter has all the game day fun. The social network has unveiled a "Super Bowl experience" page as a hub for any stats, snubs or outrage you may want to express while "watching Super Bowl XLIX."

The first live VR broadcast brought the beach to my backyard

Will live VR broadcasts become the new "staycation"? We tested the first ever live streaming experience on Samsung's Gear VR headset and sent one of our Michigan-based editors on a virtual trip to Laguna Beach, California.

Of course 'Law & Order: SVU' is doing a GamerGate episode

It was bound to happen. We just hope Ice-T does a better job of handling online harassment than real-life authorities.