Around Azeroth: The end of the beginning

"As you probably already know, the Queuevians made the guild 'of The Queue' on Nesingwary/Vek'nilash/Nazgrel to keep the memory and community of WoW Insider alive," writes submitter Fussypants. "Saturday we decided to do a guild screenshot on the steps of Stormwind Keep. My favorite shot was this one (and yes, we are saluting you!)

On behalf of the entire 'of The Queue' guild, I want to thank you, WoW Insider, for all you have done over 10 years of utter awesomeness! You guys have been the body and soul of the Warcraft community and the home for countless readers and commenters. We thank all the writers, past and present, for the fantabulous (and numerous) words you have written, and we wish you guys the very, very best in all future endeavors! And who knows, WoW Insider may live again! Thank you, WoW Insider, for being the best news site and home for the Warcraft community!"

(And, uh, once I get over the sadness of all this, you might see a gnome warrior named Carrefour hanging around that guild. Pay her no mind. She is, after all, only a gnome. And I've always wanted to give the Alliance a try ...)

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