Daily Roundup: Microsoft leaks, lens cameras and more!

In today's Daily Roundup, we look at a Microsoft document leaked in 2012 that foreshadowed the Xbox One and HoloLens, take a look at a new lens camera for smartphones from Olympus and discuss the US Navy's new firefighting robot. All that and more can be found past the break.

Microsoft leaked the Xbox One, HoloLens and more way back in 2012

In June 2012, a 56-page business presentation was uploaded to the document-sharing service Scribd. It outlined four years of Xbox plans and even included some references to HoloLens.

Olympus Air is a lens camera that pairs with your smartphone

Olympus unveiled a lens camera of its own, the Olympus Air. Similar to Sony's QX10, this lens clips onto your smartphone and uses a dedicated app to take photos.

US Navy's firefighting robot finally appears (with a trusty sidekick)

SAFFiR, the humanoid robot overlord pictured above, looks like serious trouble. Fortunately for us humans, its primary purpose is to put out fires rather than start them.

Paper drops in-app purchases to encourage you to buy a Pencil

FiftyThree, the company behind the popular iPad sketching app Paper, has decided to forgo in-app upgrades and made a number of brushes and color sets available for free. How will they make money? By focusing specifically on hardware such as their Pencil.

Judge fines Typo for continuing to sell its BlackBerry-like keyboards

Despite an injunction banning the Typo keyboard from the market, the Ryan Seacrest-backed company has continued to sell its wares. BlackBerry took the company to court again and won.

Google Glass' new boss wants to redesign the headset "from scratch"

The current project lead for Google Glass is none other than Nest CEO Tony Fadell. A report from the New York Times claims that he intends to redesign the head-mounted computer "from scratch."

Why hunt rare Destiny weapons, when you can build them in Lego?

If you're a fan of Destiny and happen to enjoy Lego products you might find this full-scale replica of the Ice Breaker, consisting of 2,100 individual Lego pieces, worthy of your time.