Apple ditches iPhoto, a decent $1 Lightning cable and other stories you might've missed this week!

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Jaime Brackeen
February 8th, 2015
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Apple ditches iPhoto, a decent $1 Lightning cable and other stories you might've missed this week!

You made it! It's the weekend. Celebrate your days off by catching up on Apple's latest image editor, learning why Microsoft is both the best and worst at leaking information and saying goodbye to Radioshack. Just read on past the break!

Here's a first look at Apple's redesigned 'Photos' app for Macs

Not one for creative names, Apple has dubbed its redesigned image editor "Photos," though thankfully what it does is far more impressive. We got our hands on an early build of the app to show you how it looks and works.

Inside Gearbox's plan to resurrect 'Homeworld' with 12-year-old tools

After spending 16 years in what amounts to gaming purgatory, Homeland Remastered is coming to Steam later this month thanks to Gearbox Software. We spoke with some big names at Gearbox to find out what spurred the revival.

The $1 Lightning cable that's still half as good as the real thing

This "one-trick cable" is for charging only, but at one-tenth of Apple's asking price, why not stock up? Read up on how this Japanese manufacturer is getting around design patents for an iPhone Lightning cable.

Apple TV rumors point to a Sling TV, PlayStation Vue competitor

Rumor has it that Apple wants to join the likes of Sling TV in the streaming service market. Re/code reports the company is possibly in negotiations to license content directly from programmers for Apple + television, but don't get excited just yet.

Microsoft leaked the Xbox One, HoloLens and more way back in 2012

Microsoft doesn't have the best track record when it comes to keeping secret projects under wraps. However, it is astoundingly good at following through with said leaked plans -- at least as far as this 2012 document is concerned.

Would you put a gas-powered iPhone charger in your pocket?

Forget finding an outlet -- all this pocket-sized generator needs to power up your device is a squirt of lighter fluid. Apparently that's an enticing concept to many gadget users on the go, considering Kraftwerk's Kickstarter has already met double its fundraising goal.

Mark Dean designed the first IBM PC while breaking racial barriers

"I ignored the people attempting to block my progress and had no limits to who I talked to and in sharing my opinion." Dr. Mark Dean talks to us about his pioneering days in both the computing industry and its culture.

The 10 most-tweeted commercials from Super Bowl XLIX

Before Left Shark came along and stole the spotlight, all anyone could talk about was the pre-planned entertainment of Super Bowl XLIX -- the commercials. Watch the top 10 ads that had viewers tweeting.

Olympus Air is a lens camera that pairs with your smartphone

Meet Olympus' first foray into the remote device market: Air. This lens camera wirelessly connects with iOS and Android smartphones and boasts "SLR-quality" images. Take a closer look as we go hands-on with Sony's new competition.

RadioShack files for bankruptcy as Sprint eyes its stores

RadioShack is throwing in the towel. After 11 quarters without turning a profit, the electronics store has filed for bankruptcy. Sprint plans to take over about one-third of the existing stores, while company shareholders will likely close the rest.

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