Your polystyrene dreams can come true with an industrial robot arm

Updated ·1 min read

If you've been waiting to command a giant robot arm to do your artistic bidding, Robochop is here and it'll let you hack (or delicately sculpt) your own custom design from a 50-centimeter cube of "durable foam". You (or people visiting the robot arms in person) will be able to design and create a piece of furniture through a web app that will go live online at from March 15. More than the polystyrene creations themselves, the appeal lies in the spectacle of seeing a giant industrial robot cut away with a hot wire cutting tool: four arms will be slicing their way through 2,000 yellow blocks at Hanover's CeBIT tech show next month.

The robot installation is designed by the same people that made the Audi-sponsored robot arm show at the London Design Festival back in 2010. At least this time you'll have something to remember the show by: each of the artwork, figures and... furniture made by the robot arms will be packaged and delivered to whoever imagined it. We're hoping there'll be no designers' remorse -- and probably no Left Sharks.