Daily Roundup: New buyer's guide picks, betting with Cortana and more!

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Daily Roundup: New buyer's guide picks, betting with Cortana and more!

What's happening in the tech world today? Check out our updated Engadget buyer's guide to find the latest recommendations on laptops and tablets, then read about placing sports bets with Cortana and learn about Dell's latest portables. All that and more can be found below.

Engadget's new buyer's guide picks: the Dell XPS 13, HP Stream 11 and more!

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The Engadget buyer's guide has been updated! What's the best laptop that you can buy today? Which tablet do we recommend? Head over and check it out.

Cortana made me a better gambler, but I'm never listening to her again

A recent update to Microsoft's Cortana allowed the virtual assistant to begin predicting outcomes of various sporting events. What would happen if you were to place bets on the outcomes of these sporting events using nothing but its recommendations?

Dell has a new Chromebook and a tablet that runs your choice of OS

Dell announced a bevy of new products geared toward the classroom and they include a new Chromebook, a Windows laptop and a tablet that runs either Android or Win 8.

Facebook lets you choose what happens to your profile after you die

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your Facebook profile after your pass away? According to The Wall Street Journal, a new group of options will let you pick a digital executor to run your page as a memorial, or elect to have your profile deleted once it's proven that you've passed away.

Fitbit says users can avoid rashes by giving their skin a break

A new, err, rash of problems has cropped up with Fitbit's latest wristbands. An ABC7 News San Francisco report says the publication discovered over 200 cases on social media of people complaining about getting rashes from wearing the company's bands.

US carriers make it (somewhat) easier to unlock your phone

At long last, our national nightmare is over. Seven US networks (AT&T, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellcom, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon) are now honoring a voluntary code of conduct that, among other things, lets you get your phone unlocked after you've paid off your device or service contract.

Heads-up: Apple will pull Aperture once Photos arrives

Apple is warning customers that Aperture, its neglected professional photo-editing app, will be pulled from the Mac App Store this spring in order to make way for Photos. If you've already purchased it, you should still have the option of restoring your Aperture copy if you lose it.

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