Vote your favorite video game into a hall of fame

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Vote your favorite video game into a hall of fame

Video games don't seem to be going anywhere, but the same can't be said for institutions that've wanted to enshrine them. The latest effort comes by way of the folks at The Strong, also known as The National Museum of Play. The New York-based outfit will consider basically any type of game for its freshman class of World Video Game Hall of Fame honorees, be it arcade, console, computer, handheld or mobile. All you need to do is submit your pick on The Strong's website and make a case for why it's your choice. How does the advisory committee choose from there? Well, that's not exactly a scientific process.

Games'll be judged based on the following: icon status, longevity, geographic reach and influence, according to The Associated Press. Oh, and if a game is deemed influential enough, it can be inducted to the hall of fame based on that reason alone. So, something along the lines of Super Metroid or Grand Theft Auto III, perhaps. Maybe The Strong's ahem, robust background can ensure that this is a recurring event instead of a short-lived idea like the International Video Game Hall of Fame. After all, it also runs the International Center for the History of Electronic Games and National Toy Hall of Fame among other stuff. You can vote until the end of March and the first wave'll be announced sometime in June. You're going to help carry the torch for Hybrid Heaven, right?

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