Daily Roundup: Microsoft predicts (most) Oscar winners, Google Wallet and more!

From Oscar winners to gadget leaks and a robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run, we've got plenty of stories to get you talking in today's Daily Roundup. Won't you join us past the break?

Microsoft came remarkably close to predicting all 24 Oscar winners

It turns out Cortana isn't the only fortune teller Microsoft has on hand. Economist David Rothschild works at the company's New York lab and correctly predicted 20 out of 24 Oscar winners for last night's Academy Awards.

HTC One M9 store images hint at an evolutionary phone design

MobileGeeks has spotted German store listings that suggest most rumors about the new HTC One M9 are true, with a few bonus features to boot. It looks like the phone will be getting a software upgrade, as well as boost its size to store bigger and better hardware.

The top 11 tablets you can buy today

Want to buy a tablet without breaking your budget? We rounded up 11 of our favorites with wide price ranges for you to browse.

Piggybacking robot feeds you tomatoes while you run

The odd contraption you see above is an actual, functioning robot that feeds you tomatoes, which are apparently chock full of antioxidants, while you run. However, don't expect to see it on the streets anytime soon -- it was created as a promotion for last weekend's Tokyo Marathon.

Microsoft Band update lets you type replies and track your cycling

Microsoft's Band just got a lot more useful. With the latest update, you can type replies on the activity tracker using a predictive keyboard, as well as track your bike workouts in the new cycling mode.

Pebble inadvertently teases its first color smartwatch

As Pebble prepares for a big announcement tomorrow, fans of the device think they've already discovered a new feature -- a color watch face. As to what's on the inside, 9to5Mac suggests the wearable is getting a new processor, better motion detection and a revamped interface.

Google Wallet to come pre-installed on phones for major carriers

Google is stepping up its mobile payment game -- thanks to a new partnership with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, Google Wallet will come pre-installed on their Android phones running KitKat or higher starting later this year.