Another Steam Machine is coming, this one from Maingear

If you thought the Steam Machine news would be limited to Valve's announcement, well you're not quite right. Maingear's back to give the the platform another go with the Drift. What's in the aluminum box? An Intel i7-4790K processor mated with either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or an AMD Radeon R9 290X -- both of which are 4K capable. What's more, Maingear boasts that its Steam OS machine can hold up to 16GB of DDR RAM, a pair of 1TB solid state drives and a single 6TB hard drive as well. Those options alone will almost assuredly drive the price a bit beyond the $849 (!!!) baseline Mainger's asking.

Perhaps most interesting? It's in the photo up above: the Drift comes with an Xbox One controller rather than the Xbox 360 controller that most manufacturers opt for. Preorders are open now, and the computers ship with-or-without an operating system this November.

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