Senator on subcommittee for technology has 'never sent' an email

Need more politician-email news? Well, it turns out that Republican South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham has never sent one. Ever. While talking about the Hillary Clinton home-email-server issue, Meet the Press' Chuck Todd asked if Graham had a private email account. "I don't email. You can have every email I've ever sent; I've never sent one," said the lawmaker who sits on the Senate Subcommittee for Privacy, Technology and the Law, among three others. "I don't know what that makes me." As The Washington Post, notes however, that doesn't mean he's lacking staffers who can send emails for him.

He said it's just more practical for him to talk to people, either in person or on the phone. "I'm glad I don't have the ability to say everything that comes to my mind instantly," he said in a campaign stop attended by Bloomberg. "The next President of the United States needs to be good with people, not just technology." Graham doesn't respond in kind to text messages, either, and if he thinks your SMS is important enough, he'll call. His reasoning is sound (interpersonal skills are important), but this adds to the disappointing trend of lawmakers being in charge of things they don't fully understand.