Daily Roundup: Chromebook Pixel, Apple's App Store woes and more!

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Daily Roundup: Chromebook Pixel, Apple's App Store woes and more!

In today's Daily Roundup, we review the new Chromebook Pixel, look at Apple's App and iTunes Store connection issues and learn that Minecraft may be banned in Turkey for being too violent. Read about these stories and more past the break.

Chromebook Pixel review (2015): less expensive, still impractical

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The Chromebook Pixel was the most beautiful laptop that we told people not to buy. With a machined aluminum chassis, pixel-dense screen and a spacious keyboard, it had a design that in some ways outmatched even the Retina display MacBook Pro. The problem: It ran Chrome OS for an operating system, with no support for the sort of desktop apps you'd expect to use on a $1,299 machine. Google is back with an update. Find out what we think.

Apple admits the App and iTunes Stores are down for 'all users' (update)

Good luck trying to buy anything that isn't hardware from Apple right now. The company recently confirmed on its services status dashboard that the iOS and Mac App Stores, as well as the iTunes Store, are "unavailable for all users."

'Minecraft' might get banned in Turkey for being too violent

In a move of absolute ridiculousness, Turkey wants to ban Minecraft because its Family and Social Policies Ministry's deemed it too violent for kids. Yes, a game where you build fortresses and punch trees is getting called out for its content, because in Survival Mode, you have to defend yourself from the zombie-like Mobs and that sometimes means killing them.

Apple invests $50 million to get more minorities working in tech

Just like Intel, Apple is also pledging millions of dollars to various initiatives in an effort to make its workforce a lot more diverse than it has been these past years. When its diversity report was published in 2014, Tim Cook promised to be "innovative in advancing diversity," and now Apple's VP of Human Resources has revealed some of the company's plans.

'Cards Against Humanity' brings the raunch to the web in unofficial app (update)

Cards Against Humanity is already the naughtiest, nastiest, most hilarious card game for terrible people in physical reality, and now all of that fun is alive in the digital world with Cards Against Originality.

Amazon's new Exclusives store showcases Kickstarter successes

Amazon is launching a new store section today called Amazon Exclusives that looks to highlight "up-and-coming brands." The store features products from Kickstarter successes like Jackery phone chargers, Zackees' clever cycling gloves and Olloclip phone camera lenses.

Hamburg is pee-proofing its public places

If you're the type of man that enjoys dry feet and pants, you'd better think twice before emptying your bladder in Hamburg, Germany. Pee against a wall in the city's historic red light district and there's a good chance that your stream will come back to bite you thanks to a coat of nano-paint.

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Daily Roundup: Chromebook Pixel, Apple's App Store woes and more!