Google opens a new online store for all of its gadgets

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Jessica Conditt
March 11, 2015 4:04 PM
Google opens a new online store for all of its gadgets

It's always nice when gigantic companies make it easier for us to give them our money. Google has launched an all-encompassing online store for its devices, from Android Wear to Chromecast to the Nest Thermostat. The Google Store replaces Google Play for all hardware purchases, including accessories like Nexus keyboards, a variety of chargers and covers, and of course frames and shades for Google Glass. As a welcome gift, grab free shipping in the new hub right now, for a limited time.

Google Play is still the place to score all of the company's apps, games and other software. Anyone who recently purchased a Google device via Play and is now in Store-transition limbo, don't fret: Google promises your order will be automatically transferred to the new site. All of this Store business coincides with the launch of Google's new Chromebook Pixel, a $1,000 quasi-laptop that we think looks gorgeous, but falls short in terms of performance.
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