Sony will close PlayStation Mobile for good this summer

One of President Kaz Hirai's big "Sony One" projects was PlayStation Mobile, which offered games that worked on both PS Vita and Android devices. That dream of cross-platform synergy is now dead, as Sony has announced it will stop publishing all PS Mobile content July 15th. On September 10th the entire site will cease to exist, and previously purchased games will no longer be available for download. The shutdown only applies to PS Vita content, as Sony had already stopped publishing Android games for PlayStation Mobile last year. Regular, non-Android PlayStation Vita games are still available at the PlayStation Store.

So what happened? The PlayStation Mobile effort was a bust pretty much from the get-go, due to the fact that Android gaming itself has never been huge (unless you like crushing candy). However, shuttering PS Vita publishing on PlayStation Mobile must hurt a little, considering the effort Sony made to attract Vita developers to the platform. Despite that, the handheld console is enjoying a resurgence thanks to PS4 Remote Play and recent China availability.