Apple's music service may fight Spotify with exclusives, not price

Subscription streaming music services are everywhere now, so what can Apple's potential offering bring to the table? Combining many previous rumors and adding on a few twists, a New York Times report puts Trent Reznor in a "major role" redesigning the Beats Music app into a stronger Spotify rival, with a focus on obtaining content that would be exclusive to Apple services. The Financial Times suggested former Beats exec Jimmy Iovine is driving those deals, as it hopes to push a service that won't have a free streaming tier like Spotify. The word is that despite trying to undercut rivals, it will probably have a similar subscription price. As far as the when this will all happen, the rumors still claim it will ride along with an upcoming iOS update, codenamed "Copper." At the same time, former BBC Radio One DJ Zane Lowe is said to be a big part of a refashioned iTunes Radio that targets listeners depending on their region. That's probably for the best, so that Apple Store staff aren't forced to give us playlist tips along with fashion advice.