Apple's Beats-based music service may come with an iOS 8 update

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Apple's Beats-based music service may come with an iOS 8 update

You might not have to wait that long to try Apple's rumored Beats-based streaming music service. Tipsters tell 9to5Mac that the folks in Cupertino are "currently considering" a launch for the all-you-can-hear offering in tandem with iOS 8.4, rather than holding off for iOS 9 or later. This new software would supposedly arrive some time after the Apple Watch release in April. That may still sound distant, but Apple just gave developers its first iOS 8.3 beta (yes, even before 8.2 has shipped) -- if 8.4 happens at all, it's on a fast track.

Thankfully, you'll have some new features to play with before 8.4 hits. The 8.3 update should include support for wireless CarPlay, so you won't have to plug your iPhone into a USB port just to get music or navigation on your car's infotainment system. There's also a new emoji picker (complete with new icons) for the visually expressive crowd, and China looks to be getting Apple Pay support. There aren't any immediate clues as to when 8.3 would show up, but it's safe to say that Apple has a very busy upgrade calendar this year.

[Image credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images for Apple]

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