Tinder hack pairs straight guys together, awkward flirting ensues

Tinder is sometimes hilarious. Tinder sometimes makes you despair for humanity. And would you believe it, Tinder sometimes leads to genuine, loving relationships. But back to the first point: what happens if you pit two unwitting heterosexual males against each other, when both think the other is a for-real woman? What do you think?

Tinder's API -- how it all works -- has been pretty vulnerable to abuse, hilarity and generating publicity for movies. As the creator of this hack explained to The Verge "As long as you have a Facebook authentication token, you can behave as a robot as if you were a person."

In the hack, the program plucks two men that have both liked a particular 'bait' profile, and then bounces their responses to each other. Heavy, heavy flirting was the result, until the often awkward conclusion when the penny dropped. In some of the conversations shared, conversations were surprisingly lengthy, as both parties seem to ignore the warning signs that everything wasn't as it seemed. The code ensured any phone numbers were obfuscated, and creator apparently stepped in when both parties planned to meet in real life -- which would have been very awkward.