Todoist redesigns its iOS app to save you time, increase productivity

There are plenty of to-do list options out there, ready to equip your phone with software to help you meet deadlines. Todoist is one of those, and the iOS version of the app just got a massive redesign. First, instead of typing in an item, and then having to tap a few more menus to assign a due date or tack onto a project, composing all of that info in the text box will automatically complete the necessary tags. The app inputs the date and makes sure that the item appears in the correct project. Not only is it handy, but it'll surely save you some time. There's also a button at the bottom right of each project screen for quickly adding new tasks. Need that reminder in a specific spot? Pull two existing items apart and you'll be able to add it right where you need it.

New features also include the ability to assign start and end dates to tasks, collapse list views, edit multiple items at once and add color themes if you prefer a bit more visual organization. The folks at Todoist spent a few months carefully studying how users employ the app to determine how to improve it, and today's update is the result of that research. While the new version is only available on iOS right now, web, Mac and Windows updates are on the way. A new Android version is in the works, too -- and yes, it'll come draped in Material Design.