Syfy picks up a 'Nerdist News' pilot

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One day, TV will be all nerdy, all the time. Until then, Nerdist News is putting together a 30-minute pilot for Syfy, featuring its own brand of off-beat current events and silly gags. The Nerdist News TV show will air once a week, executive produced by Nerdist Industries CEO and @midnight host Chris Hardwick, alongside Talking Dead executive producer Brandon Monk. Nerdist News host Jessica Chobot announced the new initiative in a video, noting that the online version of the show isn't going anywhere. "We can't tell you too much more right now because there's a lot of dark magic that needs to happen before it can get to your TVs and we have no idea of when it even would," she says. Eagle-eyed observers will spot a familiar face covered by a Project Morpheus headset around 0:47 into the announcement video. (Hi, Joseph!)

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