Ferrari's AR showroom app delves inside your next supercar

Updated ·1 min read

Ferrari probably doesn't have a problem selling its line of supercars. But when you're one of the premier automakers in the world, you want to make sure your customers have a magical experience when they enter the showroom. The new Augmented Reality Showroom app developed by Zspace brings that technological sorcery to the buying experience by giving would-be clientele the ability to preview the color and accessories of their next Ferrari. Using Metaio's edge-tracking technology to identify a vehicle, the app presents customers with a seven-step walk around of five Ferrari models. In addition to showcasing the exterior of the cars, the app also delves into the vehicle's innards with exploded views of the braking system and a working model of the drivetrain. The AR experience will initially be available in Australia and Japan with a US launch at the InsideAR event in mid-May.