Sony's super-thin 4K TV arrives this summer

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Sony's super-thin 4K TV arrives this summer

A year after Sony's 4K TV launch, the company is detailing the US launch of a revamped collection with HDR-compatible sets. You can now pre-order six models in Sony's new Ultra HD lineup, with deliveries arriving in May. The line starts off with a 43-inch TV that costs $1,300, and goes up to a 75-inch behemoth at $8,000. Sony isn't talking about pricing for the X900C, reportedly the thinnest LED TV in the world, but it's poised to arrive this summer. It could be worth the wait -- at 5.08mm, it's thinner than your smartphone (unless you're using Oppo's 4.8mm R5). It also has a "Vanishing Edge" technology that makes the picture fill the entire screen.

In addition to their Triluminos technology, the TVs are equipped with a color correction feature that can make hues more vibrant or tone them down a notch for a more realistic visual experience. And as promised at CES earlier this year, the latest models are paired with Android TV. There's a voice search feature so you can speak into a one-click remote or a compatible smartphone for quick access to your favorite app. Soon, gamers will also have access to PlayStation Now and a DualShock 4 controller.

While the thinnest options won't be available for a few months, you can be prepared for the onslaught of improved video with the X930C or X940C series, which will become HDR-friendly through a network update this summer.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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