Djay for Apple Watch puts decks on your wrist

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James Trew
April 23rd, 2015
Djay for Apple Watch puts decks on your wrist

Desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and (now) watch. That's a list of things you can DJ (or rather, djay) on, thanks to a multi-platform update to the eponymous(ish) app from Algoriddim. As Apple Watch (kinda) hits stores this week, you'll be able to update Djay 2 for iOS (the Watch version isn't a standalone app) so that it works with your new timepiece. Of course, features are stripped back, but you can do most things you need to keep the music flowing, such as browse your iTunes library, add and sync tunes to a "deck" or use Force Touch and have the software do it all for you (aka "Automix" mode). It's a tough life for the wearable DJ. If you prefer to mix on the other devices we listed, Algoriddim has updates for you, too.

If you're too cool to be seen DJing with a watch, maybe then perhaps djay Pro's new features are more your style? The latest version of the Mac app adds the ability to mix videos -- whether that's music videos themselves, or VJ-style visuals to go along with your tunes. The visuals can be fed to an external display, or even piped over Airplay -- a feature with "house party" written all over it. If you prefer to leave the laptop alone, and do your thing on real decks, there's also native support for a slew of Pioneer's pro DJ kit. High end gear found in most clubs -- including the CDJ2000/CDJ900 and XDJ1000 -- will act as a controller for djay Pro out of the box, including advanced features like Slip Mode, waveform display and showing cue points. The same update also bundles in support for higher quality Spotify music (320kbs files) if that's your preferred source of music.

The Pro update is free for existing owners, (djay Pro costs $50), and a premium Spotify account is needed for the integrated features. Djay 2 for iPhone ($3) and iPad ($10) will be free for a week -- go go get it.

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