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Daily Roundup: Windows 10 plans, Apple Watch issues and more!

Daily Roundup: Windows 10 plans, Apple Watch issues and more!
Philip Palermo
Philip Palermo|@Philip_Palermo|April 29, 2015 10:41 PM

In today's edition of the Daily Roundup, Microsoft kicked off its annual Build developer conference by showing off some of the tools developers can use to get their Windows 10 apps up and running. We also learned the official name for the company's Project Spartan browser and witnessed some of the HoloLens headset's new tricks. One tidbit we didn't learn, however, was a release date for Windows 10. Of course, Microsoft wasn't the only company making headlines today. Hulu snagged streaming rights for Seinfeld and some Apple Watch users are discovering dark tattoos can mess with the device's heart rate sensor.

Microsoft invites Android and iOS apps to join Windows 10


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Today was the start of Microsoft's annual Build conference and the company unleashed a slew of new details for the future of its cloud services, Office suite and, perhaps most notably, upcoming Windows 10 operating system. One of the biggest reveals was that the Redmond giant is making it easier than ever for Android and iOS developers to port their apps over to Windows 10. For more from today's Build keynote, click here.

Windows 10's web browser is called Microsoft Edge


Another notable tidbit from today's keynote was the announcement of Project Spartan's official name. Up until this point, Microsoft's upcoming Internet Explorer replacement had been discussed under its temporary, Halo-inspired codename. Today, though, we know what we'll be calling it when Windows 10 launches: Microsoft Edge. The company also showcased a video highlighting Edge's minimalist look, annotation features and slick tabbed interface.

Hillary Clinton wants all police to wear body cameras

Hillary Clinton at an April 29th speech

Law enforcement accountability has been in the news a lot of late, so it's no surprise to see presidential hopefuls discuss the matter as we head toward next year's election. Candidate Hillary Clinton used a speech today to call for every police department in the US to issue body cameras to officers in an effort to improve both accountability and transparency.

Hulu's the exclusive online home of 'Seinfeld' and 'Fear the Walking Dead'


What's the deal with watching Seinfeld online? Well, Hulu provided the answer today, announcing it had secured exclusive streaming rights for the popular sitcom. While it wouldn't discuss exact numbers, rumors suggest the company may have paid as much as $1 million per episode for the show. Hulu also shared several other content announcements, but the show about nothing was clearly the biggest news.

Dark tattoos can throw off Apple Watch's heart rate sensor

Apple Watch tattoo issues

Various versions of the Apple Watch have been slowly reaching consumers' hands and wrists, but some early adopters are apparently running into a few issues with some of the wearable's features. iMore looked into the matter and found that those with dark tattoos on their wrists (especially those with solid colors) may have trouble reliably using the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor. If you haven't ordered one already, it might be a good idea to try one on in person to make sure all its features work on your particular wrist.

Your Apple Watch is late because of bad haptic feedback parts

Apple Watch Taptic Engine

Of course, if you already ordered and Apple Watch and are wondering what's taking so long to get it to your doorstep, The Wall Street Journal might have an idea. According to the paper's sources, Apple ran into issues with parts related to the Watch's Taptic Engine, the vibrating unit that provides input feedback. As a result, a supplier switch may be to blame for the long waits some consumers are experiencing.

You can buy your own smell-o-vision VR headset, if you wanna

FeelReal smell-o-vision

If revamped PC operating systems and fancy wearables aren't exciting enough for you, perhaps the promise of actual smell-o-vision will do the trick. FeelReal is taking to Kickstarter to fund its virtual reality attachment, which can pump air, water and a variety of scents right into your face to amp up the immersion factor. The company expects dev units to be available in the summer, with a consumer version to follow later in the year.

[Image credits: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan (Hillary Clinton); Michael Lovell @ YouTube (Watch tattoos); iFixit (Taptic Engine); FeelReal (VR headset)]

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Daily Roundup: Windows 10 plans, Apple Watch issues and more!