You can buy your own smell-o-vision VR headset, if you wanna

Aside from the anguished cries of our loved ones begging us to go to work, there are two things that are left out when we play games in virtual reality: our senses of smell and taste. After all, we can see, hear and sometimes feel the action in the FPS realm, but we won't be truly satisfied unless we're getting artificial blood, sweat and seawater in our faces, too. That's what FeelReal's smell-o-vision headset is all about, which sits beneath a VR headset and pumps air, water and various scents into your face in an attempt to add a little more realism to your gaming.

Essentially, the face mask contains a pair of fans that can blow hot and cold air, a water mister and an odor generator that can vaporize certain smells right into your nose. Then, the idea is that when you walk past the sea in a game, you'll be able to feel the sea mist on your face and the smell of seagull poop in your nose. If you're walking past some fire, by comparison, you'll feel the warmth on your face and burning sulfur in your nostrils.

Naturally, this innovative product is making its debut on Kickstarter, where pre-ordering a single unit will set you back $300 and a pair of kits priced at $500. The company, however, is also tempting users by letting you know that it's also working on a full-face helmet that combines virtual reality and, er, smells in a single package, called the Nirvana. If you're prepared to wait for one of those to arrive, you can also get an early prototype for another $500.