Should this be the flag for planet Earth?

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Should this be the flag for planet Earth?

What's going to happen when astronauts finally land on Mars? In all likelihood, the expedition will be a joint effort between multiple nations and space agencies. So when a perilous explorer steps out onto the red planet, we might need a new flag. One that represents Earth. Such a mission is unlikely to happen any time soon, but already one designer has drawn up a potential flag design. It features a blue background and seven interlocking rings, which creator Oskar Pernefeldt says forms a flower. It was made for a graduation project, so there's nothing to suggest it'll be adopted, and oddly NASA is listed among the project's contributors. Do you think it does the job? Let us know below.

Update: NASA has confirmed it wasn't involved in the creation of the flag design. "When we go to Mars, we will carry an American flag," a spokesperson told Engadget.

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[Image Credit: Oskar Pernefeldt]

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