Using Netflix on your hotel TV sounds pretty painless

Surprise! Netflix built into hotel-room TVs doesn't seem awful. When Mariott announced that it'd add streaming apps including the House of Cards outfit, Crackle, Hulu Plus, and YouTube into its in-room entertainment options, there was reason for concern. Would it require any separate fees? What about account security? As Cord Cutters News reports, you need to use your personal logins for 'flix and Hulu and you can either clear your credentials manually, or the hotel will do it for you automatically at the time of check out. The apps apparently run without a hitch and are the most up to date versions like you'd use on Amazon's Fire TV and the Roku 3. Oh, and the remotes have built-in Netflix buttons like you'd find at home and abroad. Now I'm curious when RIchard Branson will implement something similar into his Virgin Hotels.

[Image credit: Manybits/Flickr]