ICYMI: Bendy batteries, spray-painting drones and more

ICYMI: Bendy Batteries, Spray-Painting Drones, and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: The flexible battery that takes its style notes from kirigami (origami's hipper cousin); a VR musical visualizer that will have you tripping like it's 1998; and a tutorial for a DIY spray-painting drone that may not fly so well now — but try and diss it when it's painting your 11-foot ceilings. One of the collaborators on that last project is the graffiti artist who defaced Kendall Jenner's billboard using a drone—so you know, I'm a fan.

And from the cutting room floor: This BBC experiment using a brainwave reading headset to change the channels on a TV. So necessary for those coping with disabilities yet so useful for the rest of us lazy a-holes.

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